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November 29, 2023
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Wall of Shame

Welcome to the Wall of Shame... Here you will find all the outrageous comments that didn't quite make it onto the main review pages, but are worth saving for their entertainment value alone! As an added bonus, we've also left the amazing grammar choices unchanged. Be sure to check back every once a while for new additions... if we know Ship students, this page is just getting started!

(Disclaimer: Ship Underground does not endorse any views expressed on this page!)

... (12/9/10)
email message from a confirmed professor at Ship:
Subject: To Author of "The Worst"
Body: You got a "C" and you deserved it!

... (8/20/10)
email correspondence between a student and ShipUG:
Student: have you updated the professor comments recently? I left a comment that I thought was good which isnt on yet. let me know, thanks man
ShipUG: There are still a few left in the queue from last spring. We're going to get to them in the coming weeks. Which professor did you review?
Student: Thanks for the reply, I reviewed ______, new _____ professor, he is a shit stain.

He threw a cane (3/23/10)
This man is nuts!!!! He doesn''t care about teaching. He told a girl she sucked and should never speak again and then he threw his cane at her. This is what happens when senile people go senile. what kind of a man does this? His test are so hard. you will fail them miserably but he still thinks you should pass with ease. I did so bad on them he would personally wipe his ass with them and hand them back to me.

WHAT A DITZ (3/22/10)
You are by far the most idiotic retard this college has ever seen. Your 3 inch skirts make you look like you''ve been whoring your body out to the world instead of your husband. I can only wonder where your husband found you... oh right he found you in some 99 cent bargin bin in the local walmart. You also couldn''t teach anyone anything unless it was how to suck a donkey cock. so why don''t you do whats best for everyone, cross back across the border and get ur sexy ass back on that stip-pole. ;)

HORRIBLE (2/7/10)
Gawd this woman is awful-- me thinks she was brewed from hell's kitchen and most likely rides a broomstick from class to her REAL home in Salem!

Word (1/21/10)
Yo dis is a shout out 2 my boi Dr. ____ continuing that classical liberal tradition yeeeeeuhhhh

Good class (9/22/09)
His sideburns are the source of his awesomeness. They put Brady Anderson to shame.

WOW (5/12/09)
I've learned more about ______ from dog shit than I have from him. He is an asshole and a hard, boring professor and you should not take him.

ha. (3/31/09)
the classess seamed esay but everythign he taought was no us the book was not needed it was a waist of 90 dollers it was jus t him ramblein for the clss peroid then testig us on it evry week or so not efective as a teac her.

Language (3/12/09)
This woman''s children do not love her. She has no friends. She has never had fun in her life.

C*nt (12/09/08)
Eat a cock Dr. _________.

Huge Dong (10/19/08)
Let me start by telling you about the first day of class. Dr. ______ walked in and was telling a few jokes when his pants fell down. No underwear. He forgot to button them after he stopped at the bathroom. Take this man, and experience something sexier and more entertaining than you've ever experienced.

Too bad he's married... (10/10/08)
This man is f*cking hot. I''d do him in a second. Especially if he was wearing a sweater vest.

Would Not Recommend (09/26/08)
His tests are hard as a erect penis because they do not cover the material that is lectured on (sex, beer, vacation photos, random videos, drugs, sex again,...). I would rather swallow barbed wire, pull the end out of my ass, and floss my self to death than take this prof again!!!

Narcissistic! (05/16/08)
I swear, if she touched herself anymore during class, she''d have to get a room.

Overrated (04/21/08)
He's a pervert that wants to get into chicks' pants.... just like me.

Hot teacher, Hot class (03/26/08)
Its so easy, show up and check out a hot teacher for 50 min... thats all there is to it

GOOOODDD (02/07/08)
He is the cutest black man I have ever met.

'shrooms (12/18/07)
cookie crisp.

You need to know music (12/03/07)
To do well in this class you need to know some stuff about music. It isn''t an intro course, definitely a "You already know some and need to know more" to Music. The CDs are impor..--
and I''ll stop my review there. I dropped the course half-way through so I can''t objectively evaluate the guy for the 2nd half of the course. For all I know, he gives out candy and brings in strippers to entertain the guys in the 2nd half of the semester.

RUN AS FAST AS U CAN!!!!!!! (11/04/07)

Sir Sweats A Lot (10/23/07)
This teacher is the biggest dyke. I want to run her over with my bike. No, she is a good teacher, SYKE! Do not take her, you will fail. She''s not even worthy enough for jail. She can''t teach for sh*t. This bitch can suck my left tit (.)(.) I would rather chew on glass than sit through her class. Stay away if you dont want to turn gray. Stay at bay!

DOUCHE...BAG (04/02/07)

F#^$&%ER (03/27/07)
F*&%$$^$^#* That *(^(^***&&^ &*^*&^*& He is a SH*T HEAD<<<<<< ASSS SSSSSSSSHOLLLLEEEEE

Wet Panties (03/26/07)
McDreamy + McSteamy = Dr. __________
You go to class just to admire this man. You will spend all class just hoping he turns around to write something on the board so you can check out his butt!

Bah (12/17/06)
If you dont get an "A" in this class, then you are the supidist, most retarded student on the face of the earth and i hope that you and your family gets pelted by monkey feces the next time you go out into public. I'm smarter then you.

Boats... (10/26/06)
send that bitch back to italy.

Hot as Sh*t (10/16/06)
...but she needs implants.

ok so she is by far the biggest BITCH I have EVER met...and im not just talking teacher wise. if you take her be prepared to let her bend you over her desk and make you scream like a baby. If it weren''t for the police I would have back-handed that old bag a long time ago...TWICE !!!!!

The Definition of WTF (01/17/06)
Insane is an understatement. She goes off on tangents, I dont even know what shes thinking, my god. Her classes have no structure, unorganized, and just boring. Student presentations could blow nuts and youd still get an A and she would eat it up. If you took a dump on the floor for your presentation, she would say "good research" and give you an A. I dunno how I pulled a B+, but whatever.

Hi (01/08/06)
Dr. _______ gave me a D in his class, which kind of sucked. But I see him in the gym all the time and if I had to grade his peformance in there, i''d give him a D as well, so I guess we are even now, sucker haha.

Little weiner boy (11/17/05)
Yup thats what i said, little wiener boy. this guy is as cool as cancer. he has the most boring classes, all he does is lecture and he has the corniest jokes ever, they are pathetic. He is the exact replica of Ned Flanders, he looks just like him and acts just like him. _________ is the the guy from high school that wore suspenders and everyone pulled them because he was such a dork. Avoid this class at all cost, i got put in it because it was my first semester, if you have the choice watch the grass grow instead. LWB

Hell no (11/11/05)
F*CK HER!!!!!! Shes the biggest bitch ever. I dont know what all of these positive comments are about, but she is an impossible grader. She only grades papers on who she likes. That bitch thinks shes the best writer in the world when she is just a f*ckin loser and a coniving bitch. She rips ur paper apart and if u meet with her she will be like oh good job, and then when she grades them she give u a f*ckin C. She is a whore and if u get her, drop it quickly because she is a boring slut. F*CK HER

good guy (11/09/05)
hes the best darn prof i ever hads, i didn no understand some stuff but hes really funny and stuff, people gets mad cause they''re so dumb and fail, but i failed and didnt complain, if u fail it means u didn do no work

crap back (11/02/05)
This guy does not know the first thing about teaching. He designates one shirt for each week. One week his shirt of choice looked like it had crap smeared all over it. Besides his appearance hes to smart to be teaching ur idiots. No one in the class learned anything at all the whole semester. He should be fired today!

Total moron! (05/14/05)
This guy sucks week old ass! If you get stuck with him...shoot yourself in the head right now! No kidding. I''d rather be swimming the Amazon naked with raw meat glued to my body...I'd let the piranhas eat my carcass, the electric eels to attach themselves to my nipples, and I'd allow the candirú fish to swim up my urethra with their barbed fins before I'd ever take another class with this idiot!

College (02/13/05)
It's real funny, all the negative comments contain something about "too much work" or "way too much work" or "that's a lot of work" etc. etc. etc... Get the f*ck out of Shippensburg and go to a community college or two year trade school if you don''t want to do any work. Be tough. Your ancestors did twice as much work as you do and rejoiced at the end of the day for being able to live such an amazing life. "Too much work" = I am lazy. You are probably the same crowd that gets trashed 3x a week and has a disgusting body. Go join a gym and read some books... make your pitiful time on this earth worthwhile.

Son of a bitch (01/13/05)
See title.

She's ok (11/16/04)
Fat chicks do good in her class.

It's all relative (10/31/04)
Hola. I had this class obviously and he wasn't very smart, but I think it's cause I wasn't very smart either. I came to class all up on robo and walked into the back and slept, it was easy but he yelled at me a lot, or at least that's what I hear cause I was all up on robo. He sucks though and I ate his children, he just doesn't know it yet. Minus the last part, it was the robo speakin to me. Go Marlins!

Why wont he go away? (10/04/04)
This guy was the biggest shiteater I have ever had in my life. This cockmaster graded every time you farted, and asking him for help was like asking a wall for advice. I used my COMMUNITY COLLEGE NOTES TO TEACH MYSELF all semester! If you read this _______, your a f*ckin piece of shit, I dont know how you have a job. This isnt the damn military, you miserable old f*ck. 70 year old f*ckface. If your a girl though, he might be semi-nice to you, maybe he's tryin to get some, that old f*ck. I dream about chocking his f*ckin ass. I have never loathed a teacher like I do this motherf*cker. Community college had better teachers than this douche!

Horrible teacher (10/04/04)
He is a dick head.

Worst Teacher in the History of Ship (09/15/04)
"Professor" _______... and I hesitate to call her "professor," sucks more than a vacuum cleaner. It is enough to make someone in her class wanna jump out the window. The sound of your skull crushing against the pavement is more than likely a more enjoyable sound than her skreechy voice. Had I not taken the course in high school, I would have failed miserably, because Prof. _______ is a pussy bitch of a "teacher." Take my advice and go push your head into a ceiling fan, because it'll teach you more about limits than she can.

Smelly Man (04/19/04)
This man is extremly smelly. He doesnt know what he is talking about and he also hasn't taken a shower in like fifty years. I do catch a lot of girls staring at his butt for some reason and i have to admit he is cute but he doesnt know anything anyways becuase i got all B''s in Highschool and he gave me a D. His kids think they are the shit at basketball but they suck and they need to go back to the elementary school.

Incompetent (01/22/04)
Dear Dr f*ckface. This is the captain speaking. Get the f*ck out of my department. I had a twinkle in my eye August 25th because i thought id be learning about something. Unfortunately, although I patiently waited all semester for class to begin, it never really did. _________ needs to get his f*cking priorities straight. f*ck him and his behaviorist approach. He can go teach psych if he wants to teach psych. GET THE F*CK OUT OF MY DEPARTMENT F*CKFACE! We in the ________ department have a critical job to do for this country. _______ should step aside because he''s getting in my f*cking way. I got a job to do you f*cking slacker. Go to hell. Answer this question, why should i work my ass off for a professor if they are f*cking lazy. I wont. f*ck him. Get the f*ck off my ship _______. If any of you students out there have been disheartened by his course, please dont give up or change your major. ______ is only a temporary obstacle in our education process. Don''t worry, Dr f*ckface wont succeed in his incompetent plans. Holla if ya hear me. One love shipmates. ...._______, get the f*ck going you piece of shit. If you break the projector, Im taking it out of your paycheck.. Yeah you know who this is Dr. f*ckface. Go teach some feminine psychology class or eric clapton music theory. PS This prick f*cked me out of the deans list. Why? Cause Im not an ass kisser. I don''t kiss the ass of slackers, they can kiss my ass because I expect professors to work.


Licks Nuts (04/06/03)
if the dean can do one thing right, terminate dr ____'s employment imediately. my dead cat is more effective at teaching and my cat was mute. i'd rather stab myself in both ears than listen to his lecture. if you want to compare it to something, imagine somebody bashing your nuts with a spiked bat. bottom line pick another major!

I love him (03/30/03)
Wow, this teacher wasn't only a good teacher but damn he was sexy. Talk about an erection, i just couldn't stop staring at his package all class. Besides my love of this amazing man, he was a great prof.

Great (02/15/03)
Best legs out of the profs in the _____ department. Oh, and she taught a class, too.

The absolute worst (08/07/02)
this man is the absolute WORST prof out there. he has been wearing the same pit stained shirts for years. he is soooo boring and his tests are really hard. to put it this way, if he died i would not feel the slightest bit of sympathy for him. HATE, is a word best used to describe my feelings for this man.

____ should be F#CKIN Fired!!! (05/05/03)
Ok, ok, ok...this guy and his bs class are a complete waste of time. He has an attendance policy that, ha, doesnt exist. So make sure you skip class. He gives you a midterm and a final exam..both of which have nothing to do with what he teaches...wait..did i say "what he teaches?" Im sorry but that was a lie. He doesnt teach at all. He basically kinda just stands there talking about whatever happened to him that day and just sorta giggles at his pitiful, stupid, and incredible bland jokes. To be honest, his exam questions either have to do with taxes or social security. O and you get Washington Post articles that you are "supposed" to hand in every week...dont take those too seriously, i handed mine in all at the same time the last week of school. The only nice thing that I can say about _______ is the fact that he is a MAJOR TOOL. O and my advice would be to bump about 4 pounds of snow before going to class just so you can TRY and stay awake...YES..he IS that boring!

Horrible Prof (09/08/02)
Represents everything that is wrong with our society. Horrible prof who was completely discriminatory in her grading of my speeches, just because I dont agree with her own ideas. Took ____ over again and got a B+ with a decent prof. I can''t beleive she is here at SHIP, as she could do us all a favor and dyke it on back to Austria or wherever she came from.

He sucks real bad (04/23/03)
i never had this prof....but im sure he's a dick

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