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November 29, 2023
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1. How do I post my comments?
2. Can I Say Anything I Want?
3. What Makes a Good Comment?
4. How does the rating system work?
5. What if My Professor is Not Listed?
6. Search Tips
7. Feedback

1. How do I Post My Comments?
    To post comments about a professor, use the Rate a Professor form. First, choose the professor you want to rate. Then fill out the rest of the form and submit it! It will be reviewed and posted to the site within one week's time. If, after that time, your comments do not appear on the site, then your comments have been banned, and you will need to re-post a cleaned up version.

    Only the "Subject," "Comment Type," and "Comments" fields are required when filling out the form. But the more information you enter, the more helpful it can be. The number ratings are a good way to generalize a professor, so everyone is encouraged to fill those in, as well.

2. Can I Say Anything I Want?
    You can say just about anything. ShipSpeaks is a place for people's opinions to be heard. However, some people post comments that "cross the line" so to speak. Writing comments of this nature will cause us to immediately ban them from the site, since all comments are reviewed before being posted. Examples of words or phrases that will get comments banned:
    - Racial slurs
    - Excessive profanity
    - Attacks on personal aspects of a professor's life (sexual preference, political affiliation, etc).

    Most postings pass inspection with no problem. If your comments get banned, you can always re-post a cleaned up version of your comments at a later time. See the next section.

3. What Makes a Good Comment?
    A good comment does not simple say "THIS PROFESSOR SUCKS!" A more detailed description of why the professor was good or bad helps students much more than subjective statements such as the one above. Here are some good things to include in your comments:
    - A description of the professor's teaching style:
    Did he/she simply drone on and on? Or did the prof make the class fun?
    - How much work you had to do:
    This helps people who are looking for an easier or (heaven forbid) a harder class. People typically say things like, "We had 3 tests and a final, one group presentation, and homework every night."
    - How accomodating is the prof?:
    Does he/she give extra credit? Does he/she help you during office hours?

    All of these things can help another student decide whether he or she wants to take the professor. Help your fellow students!

4. How Does the Rating System Work?
    The number ratings for each professor are based on a scale of 1-10. Every time someone posts a comment, they have a chance to rate the professor in 4 different categories. These categories are:
    - Effectiveness: Did the prof do a good job in getting his/her point across?
    - Difficulty: How difficult was the class you took the professor for?
    - Availability: Was the prof always there to help? Or was he/she never around?
    - Overall: An overall rating based on your other ratings, and on comparing the prof to other profs.

    The average scores are shown at the top of each professor's rating page.

5. What if My Professor is Not Listed?

6. Search Tips

7. Feedback

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